Ordering a custom guitar….

Guitar Pricing and Options

(Woodselection per market – Prices are going up and availability are going down)


  Non-standard arrow head stock


 Off set tuners allowing straight strings from tuners to nut.

 Fancy 22 fret fretboard extension.  Also note fretboard is bound with blood wood binding material.


 Sound port – For a much more intimate playing experience.

 Standard Singing Mountain Guitars Signature single fret marker star at the 12th fret.

Standard Singing Mountain Guitars logo with a “Brain Sepele” head stock laminate and a custom headstock binding and perfling.

Example of Custom Marquette Rosette and a beautiful one of a kind “floater log” bear claw Sitka Spruce Top.

One of two Dreadnaught guitars donated to Marc Vann Foundation.  Both done with amazing Koa back and sides.

 Custom Marquette Rosette surrounded by two Abalone circles.

 Custom “End Flash” Example.  Koa wood sides.